Monsta X to appear on famous animated series “We Bare Bears”

Group Monsta X will appear as guests in the famous American animation “We Bare Bears”.

On May 16, Billboard reported that Monsta X will guest in the popular cartoon “We Bare Bears” of Cartoon Network channel (USA).

The episode with the participation of Monsta X will be broadcast on Cartoon Network channel on May 27. It is known that this episode tells about Panda (voiced by Bobby Moynihan) becoming a crazy fan of Monsta X in daily life. Then Grizz (voiced by Eric Edelstein) and Ice Bear (voiced by Demetri Martin) helped Panda to meet Monsta X as a surprise birthday gift.

In the video released in advance via YouTube, in order to help Panda, Ice Bear went into the travel bag and broke into Monsta X’s hotel. After meeting Monsta X, Ice Bear used both English and Korean and explained to the group why he came there.

Monsta X also used both Korean and English to chat with Ice Bear. In particular, Monsta X’s choreography and group greetings were recreated in the form of animation, thereby giving viewers the excitement when watching each character.

I.M (Monsta X) shared with Billboard about his feelings for the collaboration with “We Bare Bears”, “We are absolutely thrilled and honored to be in an episode of ‘We Bare Bears’. It’s one of the most beloved animated series in the world! We put in a lot of effort into this collaboration and hope our fans, as well as ‘We Bare Bear’ fans, can truly enjoy it.”

Recently, Monsta X has just celebrated the 4th anniversary. The group will continue to carry out the third world tour called “WE ARE HERE” visiting 18 cities around the world until August.


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