Monsta X spoils new song with impressive teaser

Group Monsta X will release the new song on September 20.

Recently, the management company Starship Entertainment attracted attention by posting the teaser video for Monsta X’s new song on the official SNS.

In the published photo, Monsta X shows off their natural yet impressive visual with street fashion, opposite to their splendid image on the stage. The various poses exuding the members’ free charm also capture all eyes.

Besides, in the teaser video, the music part with a trendy melody and English lyrics reveals the hints about the new song, arousing fans’ curiosity.

This is the next product of Monsta X 3 months after the single “WHO DO U LOVE?” featuring the famous American hip-hop artist French Montana in June. The agency said the act would get to fans with a markedly different color from their previous music styles.


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