Monsta X introduces teddy bear merchandise

Monsta X livestreamed a recent visit to the Twotuckgom store in southern Seoul, where the bandmates showcased some of the merchandise their work inspired. 

The seven bandmembers looked around the store, commenting on each product — teddy bears and cushions, stationery and special-edition birthstone jewelry. The merchandise is scheduled to go on sale next week. 

“These are so cute,” they said. 

“I personally think it will be a battle between my bear and Jooheon’s, since they are similar colors,” said Wonho. 

“Yours is wearing a diaper, and mine has a pot of honey. Anyway, these two will be the most popular,” replied Jooheon, adding that he loves the smaller version of Wonho’s bear, named Bebegom. 

Then the idols sat down and each one introduced his own bear. 

“Mine can sing and dance very well and eats a lot. A reliable one, like me,” said Shownu. 

“It is good at dancing? How? Please show us,” asked Jooheon. 

“It can turn on its head, which I can’t do,” said the leader, indulging the request by spinning the gray bear, which ended up hitting him in the face. 

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