Monsta X hypnotizes US audience with the stage on “Ellen Show”

Group Monsta X delivered a tip-top performance on “Ellen Show”.

On September 25 (US time), group Monsta X appeared on the typical talk show “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” on NBC channel (USA) and presented a charismatic stage.

​America’s famous comedian and host Ellen introduced, “Our next guests are one of the biggest K-pop bands in the world. Please welcome Monsta X.” Monsta X boys on the broadcast that day captured all attention of local audiences with a never-seen-before top-notch performance.

​First of all, Monsta X heated up the atmosphere with the hit song ”WHO DO U LOVE?” which helped them become the second K-pop group named on Billboard’s Pop Songs chart. Their captivating and spectacular performance along with emotive voice was enough to win the hearts of the audiences. It was even more touching as the audience sang along from the beginning to the end of the song.

After that, Monsta X joyfully shook hands, greeted Ellen and spent special time together. The group was free to express their new charm through the stage of ”Oh My!”, which was made exclusively for ”Ellen Show”. Under their own relaxed atmosphere, the boys delivered a charismatic performance with strong and fierce energy. Audiences at the studio playfully enjoyed the performance as they responded to the group’s enthusiastic stage with rousing cheers and bopping along with the song. The members thanked the fans for cheering for them even when the stage was over and expressed their regret as it was the last stage.

Moreover, the above rendition was uploaded on America’s Billboard homepage by journalist Tamar Herman of the music column with the title “Watch Monsta X Perform ‘Who Do U Love’ & ‘Oh My’ on ‘Ellen'”. At the same time, the journalist expressed the heart of a special fan when posting on SNS, “I’m a huge fan of @OfficialMonstaX’s ‘Oh My,’ so today’s @TheEllenShow performance of it along with ‘Who Do U Love’ made me very happy.” Therefore, Monsta X once again proved their global popularity.

​Accordingly, Monsta X recently attended two music festivals namely ”iHeartRadio Music Festival” and ”Live Is Beautiful Festival” held in Las Vegas (the USA). Not only have they always got the attention of the fans and the local audiences, but Monsta X also smoothly ended the broadcast of ”Ellen Show” – the well-beloved show in the United States. Following these achievements, Monsta X is still planning to expand its monumental activities in the United States, as well as actively carrying out other dynamic global activities.

​Recently, Monsta X released the new song “Love U”, which is characterized by the romantic vocal, on global digital music sites along with the single album including the track “WHO DO U LOVE?”, which is remixed by – the producer and member of world-famous hip-hop group The Black Eyed Peas.


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