Momo (Twice) beats Apple Event, leads Twitter top trending

Although iPhone 11 Pro has been introduced, netizens are showing more interest in Momo (Twice) than “Apple’s new product launch event” on SNS.

On September 11, on the Real-time Trending (the rankings that show users’ interests) of Twitter in the US, the keyword “Momo” was placed at a higher rank than “AppleEvent”.

In Apple’s new product launch event taking place from 2 am (KST) the same day, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max – the three iPhone 11 models which are the IT circle’s top interest – have been launched.

On Twitter’s top real-time trends in the US, the keyword “AppleEvent” popped up but couldn’t beat Momo (Twice).

The interest on Twitter that surpassed the Apple event is the teaser video of Momo (Twice).

On the same day, JYP announced Momo’s teaser image among the members’ individual teasers for Twice’s new album “Feel Special”.

The Americans also showed their interest in “Momo” – the keyword that defeated the Apple event. An entrepreneur raised the question, “Did Samsung interfere with this?”.

Also, on that day, American businessman – investor Jack Phan uploaded a post on his Twitter, “This is a first. #AppleEvent is happening now yet #MOMO is trending worldwide. What is MOMO?!?”.

Next, this person suspected Samsung’s involvement in this case, saying, “Wouldn’t surprise me if Samsung is behind this.”

After getting an explanation from other Twitter users, Jack Phan left a reply implying that he didn’t understand, “So #MOMO is trending ahead of the #AppleEvent because of a kpop girl’s ‘missing bangs and forehead’?”


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