Mini-forest named after BTS’s RM opens in Seoul

RM Forest is in Jamsil, Seoul.

A mini-forest of 1,250 trees, named after K-pop titan BTS’s leader RM, has opened in Seoul. 

The opening ceremony took place on Aug. 31, ahead of RM’s 26th birthday on Sept. 12. His 250 fans donated the trees in a show of support for the musician’s known commitment to environmental protection, fighting climate change and fine dusts. 

“We could make this happen thanks to the active participations of his fans at home and abroad,” RM’s long-time fan HoneyJoonie94, who initiated the project, wrote on Twitter, celebrating the forest’s opening. “I hope people will take a rest at the forest inhaling fresh air.” 

The fan said a second RM Forest would be established in 2020.

RM’s fans celebrate the opening of RM Forest on Aug. 31.


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