MBC broadcasts program unveiling everything about BTS

“All About BTS” promises to bring various content of 7 boys from debut to the present.

MBC will be broadcasting the show “All About BTS” that collects the performances, music videos, entertainment videos featuring global idol star BTS on this station at 11:55 pm (KST) September 12 and 0:30 am (KST) September 14.

The show will introduce BTS’ youthful image at the time of debut – 2013 – as well as the act’s professionalism and appearance when receiving the award of Billboard. “All About BTS” promises to bring out the rich content such as the renditions, MVs, behind-the-scenes videos, entertainment videos having the group’s presence on MBC.

The production crew said, “Viewers will see BTS’ various charm, from their immature look at the debut time to the professional manners later.”


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