Kpop idols’ vacation and working plans on Chuseok holiday

What will idol singers who are always busy conducting activities in and outside of Korea do during the Chuseok holiday?

Although this year’s Chuseok holiday is shorter than in previous years, the idols have already made their own plans. Besides idols who will take a long break, some artists will continue to work on the Chuseok holiday to prepare for their comebacks, performances, etc. BTS – who has first gone on a long vacation since August – is expected to continue to relax and enjoy fun times with their families during this Chuseok holiday.

JYP Entertainment’s Twice, Stray Kids, Itzy, etc are also allowed to take a leave on the Chuseok holiday. Twice, who is about to make a comeback on September 23, is expected to take a break during the Chuseok and then continue to embark on the comeback preparation as soon as the holiday ends. Tzuyu (Twice) revealed her plans for the holiday, saying, “It’s been a long time since I met my family and friends so I want to go camping with them.” Dahyun (Twice) also shared, “I will enjoy a lot of delicious food and stay at home to watch shows like the ‘Idol Star Athletics Championships’.”

Monsta X is also expected to enjoy this rare official holiday. Recently, after holding a 5-month world tour with 23 concerts in 20 cities around the world, Monsta X has continued to be busy with awards ceremonies and foreign schedules. However, on the occasion of Chuseok, the group will relax with their families. The management company Starship normally does not arrange schedules for the Lunar New Year and Chuseok holidays so that artists can spend as much time with their families as possible. Singer Chungha will also celebrate the Chuseok holiday at her home. Despite being busy with both of her solo activities and preparation for a comeback with I.O.I, she will have time to recharge her batteries during the Chuseok holiday.

Besides, some idols will not stop working during the Chuseok vacation. After their comeback on September 10, BOL4 is expected to continue their busy series of activities even during the Chuseok. Seventeen, who is about to release a new song on September 16, will also put all efforts into the final preparation stage. Meanwhile, this year, Nu’est and IZone will spend their holidays abroad. Nu’est boys will travel to Taiwan to hold a concert of the Asia Tour “2019 NU’EST YOUR ‘Segno'” kicking off in July. IZone will also spend their Chuseok holiday carrying out scheduled activities in Japan.


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