Kingdom (Korean: 킹덤)

Kingdom (Korean: 킹덤; RR: Kingdeom) is a 2019 South Korean television series written by Kim Eun-hee and directed by Kim Seong-hun. It is Netflix’s second Korean original series, which premiered on January 25, 2019.

The series’ second season is set to begin production in February 2019.

The series is adapted from the webcomic series The Kingdom of the Gods, which was authored by Kim Eun-hee and drawn by Yang Kyung-il.


Set in Korea’s medieval Joseon period, it tells the story of a prince,who becomes embroiled in a coup/political conspiracy and is forced to embark upon a dangerous mission to investigate a mysterious plague spreading across his country. The truth threatens the kingdom when he discovers that it is an atrocious epidemic in the form of undead who raise at sunset seemingly and become inactive during the sunrise.Now things seems to hang in balance by a thin thread of hope to survive.


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