Kang Daniel wins over Jungkook in “young and rich star” poll

Netizens chose singer Kang Daniel as a young and rich star that is worth being called big brother.

According to the voting results in the poll “Young and rich star deserves to be called big brother ‘being called as big brother as long as having a lot of money'” conducted by community portal DC Inside (director Kim Yoo Sik) and Exciting DC – the web that is operated by Mycelebs, the preference searching company, Kang Daniel has won first place. This poll was conducted in 7 days from June 30 to July 6.

“National Center” gained the victory in the above poll with 7,217 votes (accounting for 56.7%) out of 12,737 votes. Previously, Kang Daniel won first place in the survival show “Produce 101” (season 2, Mnet) and officially joined the entertainment industry in the group Wanna One. Along with entertainment activities, he also matured as a symbol of fashion and cultural circle. Notable, the male singer also demonstrated the value of the name “Kang Daniel” when every product that he joined in advertising were quickly sold out.

Following Kang Daniel in this poll was Jungkook (BTS) with 2,857 votes (accounting for 22.4%). Recently, popular overseas economic newspapers have continuously written articles about Jungkook’s asset value. Moreover, an entertainment site rated Jungkook as “the standard of Young & Rich”.

In third place was soccer player Son Heung Min with 979 votes (accounting for 7.7%). Son Heung Min is receiving 200 million won per week during the season from Tottenham Hotspur club and is valued at about 80 million euros (105,5 billion won) in the transfer market.

In addition, the subsequent positions went to Lee Daehwi (AB6IX), rapper Dok2, and actor Park Bo Gum.


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