Kang Daniel poised for solo debut

Kang Daniel, a former member of the disbanded boyband WannaOne, said he will soon unveil a schedule for his solo debut, giving a sneak peek into his project for his fans. 

Kang, who recently won a legal dispute with his former agency LM Entertainment, announced his forthcoming return to music through Instagram live. 

Although the live broadcast aired only for four minutes, it attracted over 150,000 people within a minute. Kang chatted with his fans about what he has been doing about his new album. 

“I am fully preparing for the stage. I am working on my music, composing and writing lyrics. I bet you won’t be disappointed because I am thinking a lot about how to give a good message to you guys,” Kang said, hinting at a new album. 

Kang appeared to be nervous on his live channel on Sunday, as this is his first appearance in front of the public in five months. 

“I don’t know why I am so nervous,” Kang said. “You have supported me a lot when I was going through hard times. Now I would like to give back to you. I am planning to create a lot of creative content, so I hope you will look forward to it.” Kang added. 

Kang recently founded a management agency in Gangnam, called “KONNECT,” meaning that he will “Connect” “Korea” and the world through his music. This comes after the court gave the green light for him to leave his old agency, LM Entertainment. 

“Kang decided to establish his own company after thinking hard about what would be the best for his career in the long run. He will come back as soon as possible for the fans who have been waiting for him for a long time,” the agency said in a statement. 

Kang was involved in a legal dispute with LM Entertainment since February and filed a lawsuit against it with the Seoul Central District Court. According to Kang, the company handed over the rights to an exclusive contract to a third party without Kang’s approval. 

The court allowed Kang to annul the contract with LM Entertainment, saying the company should not force Kang to sign any contracts, demand him to take part in any activities, or interrupt his activities in the entertainment business. 

Kang debuted in 2017 with group WannaOne, after he won the music audition program “Produce 101” season 2 on Mnet. Kang has been planning for his solo debut after WannaOne disbanded in January. Although he is making a late start compared to other members in the group, he has been ranking top for 62 weeks on K-pop idol popularity charts. 


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