Kang Daniel announces first recruitment for fanclub Danity

Ahead of first fan meeting in Seoul, Kang Daniel will operate the first recruitment for his official fan club Danity.

Danity combines the word “Daniel” and the suffix “-ity” which means “~a state or a characteristic”. It expresses the meaning that “every moment Kang Daniel and his fans spend together is special”. In August, the male singer revealed the name of his official fan club through Naver VLIVE, and shared his feelings, “The name fits me and you guys really well. Finally, we are no longer nameless. I hope that in the future, we will be more familiar with this new name.”

​Meanwhile, at 12 pm (KST) September 27, an announcement about the first recruitment for Danity fan club members was posted on Kang Daniel’s homepage and SNS. Fans who have been waiting for this news for such a long time are showing tons of passionate reactions.

​Kang Daniel’s official fan club members will be recruited via SHOP site of the official homepage from September 30 to October 13 and will be active for 1 year after the recruitment. The official fan club members are expected to receive various benefits such as not only membership cards and fan club kits but also the priority to pre-order tickets for Korean solo concerts and official fan club events, the priority to join public broadcasts, and exclusive space on the official fan cafe.

​In addition, a special giveaway event of Polaroid photos featuring Kang Daniel’s signature will be held for subscribers who own special ordinal numbers such as the male singer’s birthday, his debut day, etc. among participating members.

​Through the video of recruitment guidance video for the official fan club, Kang Daniel sent greetings to fans, “I will tell you long-awaited good news. I have high expectations for the upcoming days with Danity because I have been waiting for such a long time. I’ll be waiting for Danity – who will create happy memories with Kang Daniel.”

​Kang Daniel’s first fan meeting in Korea titled ”KANG DANIEL FAN MEETING: COLOR ON ME IN SEOUL” will be held at KINTEX on November 23 and 24.



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