K-pop group SEVENTEEN makes iTunes top 10

The 13-member K-pop boy band SEVENTEEN has made it into the top 10 on the Worldwide ITunes Song Chart with its song “HIT,” garnering positive reviews from music critics abroad. 

This is the group’s first single in seven months. The group rose to stardom for its addictive melodies and powerful choreography. 

“This track is about finding a breakthrough from things that bind and restrict us in our daily lives,” the group said in a statement.

Such intentions are reflected in the lyrics such as “Break away to the top, walk up to the sky,” and later in the song “Let’s sing this song for us/ We have overcome the limits, HIGHER/ Run endlessly through this dawn/ We are free, run!” 

It is an EDM-based song that has a powerful energy within the melody as well as the dance. The group has cleverly used the music video as well, changing the screen ratio from 16:9 to 4:3 at the point where members sing “We are free, run,” giving a sense of freedom to viewers. 

International media outlets have highlighted the rising pop group, commenting that the members are singer-songwriters and trying hard to reach out to global fans. 

Forbes, which had an exclusive interview with the group, praised the band, saying it has “become one of the K-pop industry’s most dynamic groups.” 

“Over the years the 13-member team has gone on to explore a variety of sounds, focusing predominantly on euphoric and reflective synth-pop tracks in recent years,” it added. 

During the interview, the members also disclosed their personal thoughts about their global tour.

“Before, we wanted to show who we are to the world, but now we have moved the focus to interacting with the fans. We think we are growing as time goes on,” the group said. 

They also added they are producing music ― although not necessary within the K-pop industry ― because they truly enjoy making music themselves. 

MTV also noted on SEVENTEEN: “In some ways, SEVENTEEN has come a long way since their youthful debut days. And in other more important ways, they’re exactly the same.” Although the members have changed as they’ve aged and their music has become more polished, their joyful energy is the same. 

Billboard commented on the group’s music, calling the new song a “powerful dance track from start to finish that would get everyone excited at any club throughout the globe.” 

It added, “HIT starts with clapping beats that resonates throughout the tune, propelling an anthemic, frenzied electro-pop sound.”

SEVENTEEN performed at KCON in New York in July, which the members have commented “This is such a mind-blasting moment for us.” 

The song “HIT” was released Tuesday on iTunes, and it debuted on the chart at No.7, besting songs from 30 other countries, including the U.S., U.K., Australia, Germany and Singapore. It topped iTunes’ K-pop chart.

SEVENTEEN will perform “HIT” for the first time on stage on “M COUNTDOWN” aired on Mnet, Thursday. 


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