K-net choose 5 male stars who have autumn sensations

Singer Kang Daniel won first place of the poll “the man of autumn”, followed by Park Bo Gum, V (BTS), Gong Yoo, L (Infinite).

Prior to the start of autumn (August 8), online math academy for elementary, middle and high school students, Sevenedu, conducted a poll titled “early autumn boy” – who gives off an autumn charm – from July 15 to August 6 participated by 3,027 people. The survey results show that Kang Daniel was voted as “early autumn boy” with a total of 1,657 votes (55.3%).

Kang Daniel was followed by Park Bo Gum who took second place with 676 votes (22.3%), BTS’s V (187 votes, 6.2%), Gong Yoo (140 votes, 4.6%) ), Infinite’s L (100 votes, 3.3%).

The start of autumn is one of the 24 solar terms and autumn begins from this point.


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