JYP, Sony composing new Japanese girl band

JYP, one of Korea’s K-pop powerhouses, and Japan’s Sony Music are joining forces to launch a new girl band in Japan comprised entirely of Japanese.

Park Jin-young, a former singer and the CEO of JYP Entertainment, will hold a press conference at the Japanese company’s headquarters in Tokyo on Feb. 7 regarding the band, according to Korean online media outlet Ilgan Sports. The band is the two parties’ brainchild called “Girls Group Project.”

Park, who trained and launched the company’s global star band TWICE in 2015, raised his latest K-pop bid at the “2018 Macquarie Emerging Industries Summit” at COEX in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, in July 2018. 

Boy Story in the promotion poster for their pre-debut single “Jump Up” in March 2018. Provided to Hankook Ilbo

There, he said the project is part of his company’s new strategic plan called “JYP 2.0.” It involved exporting Korean content, discovering foreign talent and mixing it with Koreans, producing bands entirely with local talent overseas.

The Japanese band will be the second unit of “Globalization by Localization” that is part of JYP 2.0. It is preceded by the all-Chinese six-member boy band Boy Story, which debuted with “Enough” ― written and composed by Park ― in September 2018. The band was co-created by JYP China and Chinese entertainment firm TME. 

Boy Story won a category in the “2019 Fashion and Entertainment Influence Awards” in Beijing that recognizes the most anticipated music band this year. 

JYP and Sony will hold auditions for the new girl band in Japan in summer. 


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