JUS2 greets fans after first Tokyo live show

JUS2 logged onto Naver’s V Live after the pair’s first live performance as a unit in Tokyo.

“Our special edition for Japan came out as well just in time,” said Yugyeom. “We are tired for sure, but had such a good time as our fans had such a good time enjoying themselves.”

The GOT7 duo tried to keep up with fans’ messages, answering and commenting before one asked them to recommend a late-night snack. JB covered his face in mock agony, replying, “There are so many I want to eat right now.” 

“I gained some weight. I’ve worked so hard to lose some, but still,” conceded the leader of the band. Yugyeom and fans consoled him, telling him he is in good shape, but JB shook his head vigorously. 

The subunit’s “Focus on Me,” from its first Japanese EP, has topped daily and weekly charts in the country. 

Watch the full video at https://www.vlive.tv/video/122984


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