Jungkook to have a world-class birthday supported by ARMY

Worldwide fans are preparing various projects to celebrate the birthday of BTS’s “maknae”.

First, on August 9, Jungkook’s fanbase Jungkook China said that they would support through 575 electronic signages showing happy-birthday videos to Jungkook at all subway stations in Seoul within 2 weeks from August 26 to September 9.

Previously, Jungkook China also announced that they would put up happy-birthday advertising panels in all 28 KTX carriages transporting between Seoul and Busan for a month (from September 1 to October 1), organize a free exhibition at the Blue Boutique (Greene Street, SoHo District) of the SoHo business neighborhood, Manhattan, New York from August 31 to September 2.

Moreover, many fans simultaneously participated inJungkook’s happy-birthday movement. 5 screening rooms at CGV Yongsan I’Park Theater have turned into JeonJungkook movie theater from August 5 to September 9. Fans have excitedly flooded to Jeon Jungkook screening rooms to enjoy “Bring The Soul: The Movie” – a film that recreates the behind-the-scenes stories in BTS’ “LOVE YOURSELF” tour.

In addition, fans are celebrating Jungkook’s upcoming birthday of September 1 through other diverse events such as preparing a 100m Underworld Panorama LED Billboard at COEX, a 90-inch signage at Seomyeon Station in the male singer’s hometown – Busan, wide advertising panels at Busan subway stations and Centum City station, a cup holder giveaway event, fundraising to celebrate the birthday.

Many projects celebrating Jungkook’s birthday are on going.

At present, BTS are taking days off in first period of resting since debut. Big Hit has not announced any schedule for the group in the next 2 months before heading to Saudi Arabi for “Love Yourself” Speak Yourself” concert.



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