Jimin made a video celebrating BTS x ARMY’s 6th anniversary

The sweetest boy from BTS touched the fans by posting the video celebrating the 6th anniversary of the group.

On June 12, Jimin (BTS) posted a video on official Twitter with the caption, saying, “Thank you everyone for celebrating BTS birthday. I also prepared a small present..”

The video not only captures Jimin’s handwriting but also contains images of daily life and at the performance venue with the BTS members. In particular, at the end of the video, he showed his love for fans by using the heart-finger emotion icon with the words “ARMYxBTS”. This unexpected gift of Jimin made the fans feel touched. Under the video, fans left heartfelt comments: “This is the best gift I’ve ever received, thank you Jimin, thank you BTS, thanks for coming to my life”, “Ok, Jimin, I’m gonna spend the whole day just watching this video and cry”, “Happy 6th anniversary, let’s stick together until the 60th anniversary”…

Jimin’s 6th anniversary video for ARMY.

To response, ARMY around the world has covered Twitter with birthday wishes to the group. The hashtags # 6YearsWithOurHomeBTS # 6YearsAndForeverWithBTS # BTS6thAnniversary are all on the top worldwide trends of the social network.

BTS has just celebrated their 6th anniversary on June 13. On June 15~16, the group is going to meet fans through the 5th fan meeting “Muster [Magic Shop]” held at Busan Asiad Auxiliart Stadium.


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