IU, Yeo Jin Goo’s new drama reveals fantasy poster

The teaser poster released on June 7 of the new drama “Hotel Del Luna” (Scriptwriter: Hong Jung Eun, Hong Mi Ran, Director: Oh Choong Hwan, Producer: Studio Dragon, GT: st) display the true look of Hotel Del Luna as it comes out discreetly and brilliantly upon the moon and Seoul’s beautiful night emerge. The whole view of Hotel Del Luna is reflected in the big full moon as if to show another mysterious world we don’t know. Located in the center of Seoul with its old and ancient appearance, Hotel Del Luna is a special place that is only visible to wandering ghosts.

The production team explained, “The published teaser photo this time has tried to portray impressively the mysterious and special atmosphere of “Hotel de Luna”, which the audience has long been curious.” The team also expected, “We believe that the fanciful story of Hotel de Luna – which only starts its strange business when the moon rises – and a special combination between Hong scriptwriter sisters, director Oh Choong Hwan, actress Lee Ji Eun (IU) and Yeo Jin Goo will be able to conquer the viewers. I hope everyone will pay much attention until the drama airs in July.”

The story about a hotel where the ghosts staying of “Hotel Del Luna” is the early plan in the “Master’s Sun” project written by Hong writers in 2013. Eventually, this story will be released in 2019 and directed by director Oh Choong Hwan (“Doctors”, “While You Were Sleeping”). The drama is expected to air the first episode in July.


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