ITZY sets record for K-pop rookies

Each bandmate in the five-part girl group expressed their gratitude for topping the chart for the eighth time. “You have been here with us all the time. You gave us the strength and … that was what got us through,” said leader Yeji, with the others chiming in with their thanks and blowing kisses.

“We couldn’t have lasted this long (without the fans),” they said, recalling how anxious they were before their first appearance on stage one month ago. They agreed it was hard to believe it had been already four weeks, and that their song “Dalla Dalla” was topping the charts. 

To mark the group’s last performance before a short break, they came up with a secret code for their fans: making a wiggling V with their fingers. “We can see it so well from the stage!” they expained.

ITZY has stormed music charts with its debut song, “Dalla Dalla,” already winning 14 awards from music competition shows. 

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