ITZY goes to Tokyo for Twice concert

Girl group ITZY shared some feelings after watching Twice perform live at Tokyo Dome. 

“We had so much to learn … and the stage was so big that they looked like tiny dolls,” said Yeji, as the bandmates expressed their awe at the senior K-pop girl group’s performance.

“We have been to other concerts before but seeing the dome, it was different somehow,” said Lia. 

“When all the fans lit up their star-shaped sticks, I had a lump in my throat,” added Chaeryeong. 

The bandmates thanked Twice for the opportunity to see the concert in person and celebrated their first visit to the city as a unit. “It was my first time on an airplane!” exclaimed leader Yeji. 

What brought an even bigger smile to their faces, though, was the food they had scrounged up at a convenience store. “On our way back to the hotel, we brought these!” said Ryujin, as she was already helping herself and her bandmates showed off their late-night snacks, including instant noodles, a rice ball and sweets.

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