ITZY gets emotional over fans’ love

The ITZY bandmates thanked fans for their letters and vowed to do their best to repay their love in the 11th episode of their show on Naver’s V Live.

Carefully reading each handwritten letter while prepping for a TV appearance, all four members of the girl group expressed their gratitude. “I feel like crying,” said Chaeryeong, welling up. “I’m so happy!”

The emotional moments started backstage before the band shot to No. 1 on a music program. “Just being one of the candidates made me wonder if we really deserve to be here,” said Yeji of the honor. 

“It’s all like a dream. We will never forget our resolution as a rookie act and will do our best,” promised Chaeryeong. 

“We topped the chart only two weeks since our debut. I’m so moved and grateful,” said Lia. 

“It felt as if you were telling us that we are doing OK,” recalled Ryujin, who couldn’t help crying on stage. “We want to be there for you, to give you strength, comfort and smiles.”

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