Is BTS’ Jimin writing a song?

Jimin of BTS livestreamed again, just two days after his previous segment, despite being in the middle of the band’s first official break since its debut.

The artist seemed fully absorbed in bandmate Jin’s most recent solo single, “Tonight,” when the man himself appeared at the door. 

“I was just about to call you!” said Jimin, telling Jin to wait outside. 

Grumbling that Jin had just messed up his plans, Jimin called the older member and invited him to join the livestream. Jin played dumb and asked Jimin to play the song again, and then the two enjoyed the first song written by Jin.

Feigning innocence, Jimin said he really wanted to keep this song to himself, admitting that he is a possessive person. 

“Such futile greed,” mocked Jin.

Jimin nudged Jin to share what he does when he has downtime, and Jin said he plays games, watches TV and just lies down. Jin told Jimin that he had heard Jimin was working on some songs. 

Jimin denied it, but Jin suggested to Jimin that he should make something out of a tune he’d improvised before.

“The beats were so good that everyone danced to it, even Suga!” said Jin.

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