GOT7’s Jinyoung on set

GOT7’s Jinyoung gave fans a glimpse of the set of the TV drama “He is Psychometric.”

“Today we are taping the 11th and 12th episodes,” the performer said before joining the production crew.

Between scenes, when asked for dinner recommendations, the singer-actor said, “I want to eat large crabs. I want them so bad. Or abalone.” 

“Cold noodles with soy milk … it will soon be summer. I heard there is a great place in Yeouido. Pan-fried potato pancake, duck, gyudon, takoyaki with beer,” he said.

He finally picked fried chicken for fans to enjoy while watching the television drama. “Those over 20 can have chicken with beer, and those still in their teens, chicken with cola,” he said. 

He appeared to be giving his first lead role his best shot. During breaks, he was seen referring to notes he had made for himself. “I could remember things so well when I was young, for school exams,” sighed Jinyoung. 

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