GOT7 recalls last year’s world tour

The first episode of GOT7’s recap on last year’s world tour “Eyes on You” has been unveiled.

The video starts in May 2018, as the boy band flies to Bangkok, their first destination, where their fans are milling about at the airport to catch a glimpse of them. Waving and bowing to the fans, the band heads straight to the venue for a rehearsal and a final adjustment for the performance. Jinyoung makes a detailed suggestion on the lighting to the satisfaction of the staff and the members.

Leader JB lets the camera follow him to his room and shares his recent reflections: “how to make more people know us … see that we are a band that makes good music.” 

On the day of taking to the stage, the bandmates seemed relaxed and full of excitement even having a live chat with their fans via V Live. But behind the curtain readying to step out in front of their fans, the seven members were flexing their muscles and battling their nerves. 

“I wanted to bring the camera with me for the encore, but since this is the first stage, decided to focus more on the performance instead. Maybe tomorrow,” said Bambam.

Watch the full clip at


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