GOT7 celebrates 2,000 days with fans

GOT7 thanked fans for their support for the past 2,000 days. 

“I can’t believe it has been 2,000 days already,” said Jackson as the septet bowed to express their gratitude. 

“Please understand why we are dressed like this. It is quite late here,” said JB in pajamas and with disheveled hair. The group was on its tour in the US.

“Except for Jackson,” he added, looking at the well-dressed bandmate. 

“He sleeps like that,” joked Yugyeom, ignoring Jackson’s explanation that he had been recording. 

“With sunglasses on (over his beanie)!” said Youngjae, bursting into laughter. 

“We have been with Agasae for 2,000 days but among us, it’s much longer,” said Jinyoung. Agasae is the name of the group’s official fandom. 

“It was 2011 when I met you guys. It’s been eight years,” murmured Yugyeom. 

“It’s 11 years for JB and me,” said Jinyoung. 

To mark the special day, Yugyeom suggested listening to each member’s favorites among their own songs. Youngjae searched and was surprised that it totaled up to 151. 

“We will continue to do our best and hope we can be together for 10,000 days,” said JB.

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