GFriend bonds over food in Japan

GFriend’s Sowon went live while eating a meal during their visit to Japan on Naver’s V Live. 

Sowon was having a hard time trying to unlock the electric pot for her instant ramen when the younger member popped in. With her help the leader could enjoy her meal: beef bowl and Pollock roe which Yerin highly recommended. SinB joined in later with wide eyes at the sight of the fish roe. Sowon generously shared her food with SinB before they enthused together over Sam Kim.

The bandmates admitted that separate rooms for each member may give them privacy but they could also be lonely. “It felt as if I didn’t have anything to do … The only thing I did was talking to my parents. Through a pet cam!” laughed SinB. 

The girl group went live in front of their fans in Tokyo and Osaka earlier this month. Their second single in Japan titled “Sunrise” has been a hit and the group has been chosen as one of the “Best 3 New Artists” by Japan’s Gold Disc Awards last month. 

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