EXO’s Xiumin enjoys lunch with friends

EXO’s Xiumin invited his childhood friends for a late but delicious meal at one of his favorite restaurants. 

One of the friends was from his first elementary school and the other had gone to all the same schools — elementary, middle and high schools.

“I still remember the first time meeting you and other friends. It was back-to-school day and having just moved, I didn’t know anybody. I saw that there were these kids who stayed at school after the ceremony playing soccer and I was hanging around not quite daring to walk up to say I wanted to join. But they asked me if I wanted to play,” recalled Xiumin. “Soccer was all the rage then. Maybe because it was the ear of the Korea-Japan World Cup,” said his friends. 

Happily sharing Korean delicacies, the three looked back on their shared memories. 

Watch the full clip at https://www.vlive.tv/video/122244


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