Chungha flaunts charming look in “Flourishing” teaser

Ahead of the release of new album, Chungha announced the second comeback photo teaser.

At 00:00 (KST) June 14, Chungha uploaded photo teaser 2 for the mini-album vol.4 “Flourishing” on the official SNS account.

In the first photo teaser released earlier, Chungha attracted all eyes when transforming with striking blonde hair that gave off bright color feelings. However, through this second photo, the female singer exuded new charm, completely different from before.

In this second photo teaser, a close-up view of Chungha’s face was recorded when she was looking directly at the camera. The female singer attracted the viewers’ attraction with the magical, intense and charismatic eyes.

Chungha’s mini-album vol.4 “Flourishing” is a new product after nearly 5 months since the release of the digital single “Gotta Go” in January. It is also the third summer album after “Hands On Me” and “Blooming Blue”.

Recently, Chungha has revealed the schedule image of “Flourishing”, thereby officially starting the countdown to her official comeback date. Expectedly, before the album’s release, 3 teaser photos in total, the album’s tracklist, the MV teaser video, the highlight medley video will be in turn published.

Chungha’s mini-album vol.4 “Flourishing” will be released via online digital music sites at 6 pm (KST) June 24.


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