Children of Nobody (Korean: 붉은 달 푸른 해)

Children of Nobody (Korean: 붉은 달 푸른 해; RR: bulg-eun dal puleun hae; lit. Red Moon Blue Sun) is a South Korean television series starring Kim Sun-a, Lee Yi-kyung, Nam Gyu-ri and Cha Hak-yeon. It aired on MBCevery Wednesday and Thursday at 22:00 KST for 32 episodes, from November 21, 2018 to January 16, 2019.


Cha Woo-kyung (Kim Sun-a) is a counselor who caters to children. She lives a perfect life with her husband (Kim Young-jae), parents and children. However, her perfect life doesn’t last long, when an accident changes her life. She then meets Kang Ji Hun, a detective who is strict toward criminals and believes they should be punished to the full extent.

As she searches for the truth on that incident, she will face a mysterious child and is going to use poems as clues.


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