BVNDIT novel in teaser images of new single “Dramatic”

Girl group BVNDIT has predicted their comeback with a strong black concept.

BVNDIT constantly released individual and group teaser images of the digital single vol.2 ”Dramatic” via the official SNS account.

In the released teaser photos, the 5 members drew the fans’ attention when giving off strong and alluring appeal.

All black backgrounds and simple monotone images have created chic facial expressions and exquisite chemistry of members, at the same time, arousing curiosity with the atmosphere contrary to that of the debut song ”Hocus Pocus”.

At midnight (KST) May 13, the highlight video of the new digital single ”Dramatic” was revealed and captured public attention. Different from mysterious and addictive ”Hocus Pocus”, the intense sound of ”Dramatic” immediately caught fans’ attention and increasingly heightened the fans’ expectation for this new song.

In April, BVNDIT took the first step into the music industry with the release of the first digital single “BVNDIT, BE AMBITIOUS!”. The group made a strong impression on music lovers when demonstrating solid performance skills and live singing ability that are different from a rookie.

After wrapping up their debut activities for about 4 weeks, BVNDIT foretold a flash comeback with the new digital single “Dramatic” after only 12 days and planned to capture the fan’s heart with newer music and concept.

BVNDIT’s digital single vol.2 “Dramatic” will be released at 6 pm (KST) May 15 via online music sites.


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