BTS’s RM and Jimin dance to Maroon 5

BTS’ interest in a variety of music genres, ranging from pop to hip-hop, was on display in a recent livestream from RM and Jimin.

Calling themselves “Minimoni” — with RM using the nickname “Moni” and Jimin “Mini” — the two seemed to be in a good mood as they livestreamed from what appeared to be a hotel room on Friday morning (Korean time).

“Let’s play some music,” Jimin said as he put on Maroon 5’s 2002 single “Sunday Morning,” instantly putting a smile on both singers’ faces as they danced side by side.

At first RM was concerned about the legality of playing another band’s song, but then he convinced himself it was fine because BTS and Maroon 5 followed each other on Twitter.

“Adam, brother, hope you understand,” RM said with his hands pressed together before going back to dancing.

During the stream, which went on for over an hour, the two talked about a number of topics including Jimin’s recent trip to a gallery where he saw an elderly couple he thought looked “very beautiful together.”

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