BTS’s Jungkook melts hearts with a cover of George’s “Look At Me”

Jungkook (BTS) gave fans a passionate performance of the song “Look At Me” by male singer George.

On July 11, Jungkook uploaded BTS’s official SNS a video of about 1 minute 53 seconds in length along with the caption, “Look At Me♥”. The published video shows only Jungkook’s vocal in all-black background.

The song that Jungkook selected was George’s “Look At Me” released in February. Jungkook made listeners’ hearts flutter with his sweet and pure voice through lyrics like, “I’ve been thinking to see her again / Perhaps we’ve been far away eternally / Since several days ago, I’ve been thinking about this, I don’t think I should keep this any longer so I will say it to her / Please come to my meaningless daily life / There are a lot of things I want to do with her / Waiting for her until I get used to it / Why it’s like my heart is shaking when we run across each other / I’m the one who found your love / Because her heart is filled with me / So if all of your feelings during the past time melt away / Please look at me like the way I was dreaming.”

Take a listen below!

Jungkook sometimes covers songs of fellow singers, and thanks to that, fans gave him the “cover fairy” nickname. Over the past 6 years, apart from BTS songs, Jungkook has received compliments for the increasingly outstanding voice when performing various English and Korean songs of various genres such as “Yanghwa Bridge” (Zion.T), “Nothing Like Us”, “Purpose”, “2U” (Justin Bieber), “We Don’t Talk Anymore” (Charlie Puth), “Ending Scene” (IU), etc.

You can also check out the original song here:


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