BTS’s Big Hit x Source Music announce global audition for new girl group

Big Hit Entertainment will cooperate with label Source Music (director: So Sung Jin) to hold a large-scale global audition for the new girl group set to debut in 2021.

On September 4, Big Hit announced, “We will collaborate with Source Music to hold ‘PLUS GLOBAL AUDITION’ to look for members of a rookie girl group, moving toward the goal of debuting in 2021.”

Both companies will focus all their resources on creating a new generation girl group based on the “secrets” accumulated from the Korean and global market in the past.

In particular, in order to launch the group in 2021, director Bang Shi Hyuk and CBO (Chief Brand Officer) Min Hee Jin will completely lead this “PLUS GLOBAL AUDITION”. Director Bang Shi Hyuk will be in charge of generally managing the production, including music production, while CBO Min Hee Jin will take full responsibility in creative directing and branding, including concepts, videos, and images.

The girl group this time also received more expectations than ever because this is the first project after working for Big Hit of CBO Min Hee Jin – who used to work with SM Entertainment. The public is focusing on the synergy between CEO Bang Shi Hyuk’s music-making and planning ability and CBO Min Hee’s creative leadership.

This audition will be held in 16 cities, starting from Los Angeles and New York (USA) on October 5 (hereinafter local time), respectively followed by Perth and Singapore on October 12, Melbourne on October 13, simultaneously in Busan, Gwangju, Osaka, Sapporo and Taipei on October 19, Seoul, Tokyo and Kaohsiung on October 20, Hanoi and Bangkok on October 26, finally Ho Chi Minh City on October 27.

Big Hit and Source Music created an official SNS channel for “PLUS GLOBAL AUDITION” on September 4 and will announce detailed terms related to the audition later.



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