BTS wishes fans a happy Thanksgiving

BTS floated a clip to wish its fans a good time in time for Chuseok holidays with a traditional house as a background, despite still being on a long break.

“It is Hangawi, holiday for everyone,” said RM using the all-Korean term for Korean Thankgiving.

“Aren’t there two gawis?” joked Jin never missing a chance for a pun but everyone, except for Jungkook who gave him a look, ignored the oldest. Han means one and gawi means scissors in Korean.

RM suggested they make an acrostic poem with seven letters of “Chu-seok-jal-bo-nae-se-yo,” wishing everyone a happy Chuseok.

“This is an impromptu mission,” RM told fans while V, the first to go, tried to find a line.

“Think of it as a gift for ARMY,” chimed in Jimin adding pressure.

Each one managed to toss phrases to the next one, and J-Hope finished it with a cute song and a dance as well as a heart.

Watch the full clip at


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