BTS’ RM offers insights on “Persona”

BTS’ RM had a long talk with fans on the making of the group’s EP “The Map of Soul: Persona.”

“I’m nervous. I’ve been thinking a lot (about) what to say but it’s been a while talking to you live,” he said after apologizing for his bare face. “I had to wipe off (the makeup) since my skin could not breathe.” 

“For this album, I wrote about 80 to 90 percent of the lyrics besides those for rap, which Suga and J-Hop did. It was quite consuming for me frankly, but the outcome is satisfactory,” said the leader of the K-pop sensation. 

“Persona to me is a social self. A mask you need to be part of society, be it good or bad. ‘Love Yourself,’ our theme for the previous songs, still is the most important idea for me. But the concept has grown too big as did everything else for us … so I returned to something small. Myself. Finding myself and knowing myself well,” he said. 

“What we have earned in a social context has everything to do with you. So all songs, except for the first and the last tracks, were about you fans. This let us work on the whole album in a single, organic mindset. Thanking everyone, on my knees, paying the highest tribute possible. And I am … proud,” said RM. 

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