BTS’ Jin shares how he spent Chuseok holiday

Rounding out the four-day Chuseok holiday, Jin of BTS took to V Live to share how he spent his vacation.

Sitting on a chair in a studio, the BTS vocalist greeted fans, saying, “I’m here so that you guys don’t find your way back home boring.”

Sipping a sweet-rice drink and eating a bowl of cereal, he added, “Since there’s nothing else to eat in this office, I’ll be drinking this famous Chuseok food, sweet rice drink, which I bought from a convenience store.”

Jin went on to share that he had tried to gain weight during the holiday, but failed to reach his goal because he was too busy playing computer games.

“It’s kind of embarrassing, but I spent nearly 16 hours a day playing computer games, the reason why I didn’t eat much. I took a break for two or three days, and after this broadcast, I’m going to play it again. Guys, if you want to lose weight, play games.”

He told fans that he had visited his grandfather’s house, where he received “bee-sting therapy” for pain in his wrist.

“I told my grandfather about my wrist pain, and he suggested bee-sting therapy. Well, people say it’s good for our health, but it was so painful that I couldn’t play games at all,” he said.

Jin wrapped up the conversation by sharing a story of how he got pocket money from his aunt.

“So my aunt was giving out pocket money to cousins, and when my turn came, she hesitated. She gave me the money eventually, and I’m really grateful for it. I’m preciously keeping it to use it on Maple Story (computer game),” he joked.

BTS has been on vacation since August.

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