BTS’ Jin retries game after Chicago concert

Jin of BTS spoke about concerts in the US and played games during a solo livestream on Naver’s V Live. 

“We have just finished our concert in Chicago today, the third after two in Los Angeles, and I have missed you,” said the artist. “I thought quite a lot what I should do … and since the internet here seemed fairly fast, I decided to take another shot at ‘Maple Story,’” he said. 

Before jumping into the game, Jin went through the live feed and was amazed at the speed at which fans were joining the livestream, with the number reaching 12 million in less than seven minutes. 

“It was quite chilly here today, and I could see my own breath. I will take a bath and cold medicine though, and I think I will be fine,” he assured fans. 

The idol seemed in awe recounting the atmosphere of concerts filled with “such large audiences screaming for us and dazzling lights.” 

“Our ‘Idol’ has been remixed into faster EDM version as well, and when the intro begins, fans seem to forget about us and start dancing to the music,” he said chuckling. 

The vocalist also expressed contentment with the band’s new set of microphones. “We each got our own reflecting our personal tastes. Jimin has a gold one and J-Hope got one with a sky blue mic with glitters. Mine is pink and the rhinestones must have acupressure effects and it won’t slip!” he said. 

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