BTS’ Jin, Jimin delve into Korean food in US hotel room

BTS members are finding that food from their home country can become a great comfort when staying overseas. Currently in New Jersey, for the group’s ongoing world tour, Jin and Jimin greeted fans all around the world via V Live while delving into their favorite Korean food in their hotel room. 

“So here I’m eating American-style Korean food. Well, it’s actually Korean style. This brings me back to Korea. I can see Gangnam station right now,” said Jin while eating cooked octopus and rice. 

Jimin, who was in the other room watching Jin’s meokbang in real time, came over to join his bandmate. Sharing dishes together, the two comfortably chit-chatted about various topics, ranging from food to their recent shows in the US. 

As Jimin told Jin that his parents came to the group’s recent show, Jin said, “My family also often come to my show, but I always fail to find them in the audience. My mother told me that she was waving her hands, and I told her, ‘Mom, everyone’s doing the same thing there, which makes it more difficult to find you. Don’t move, that will be better.” 

BTS’ world tour will take the group to Brazil, United Kingdom, France and Japan through June. 

Watch the clip at:


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