BTS’ Jimin ready for serious workout

Jimin of BTS returned to V Live, keeping his promise to fans from two days ago.

He played songs by his bandmates and fiddled with special-effects functions on the application before saying hi. 

“I woke up at 4 p.m. actually. I slept so much so that my back hurts a little, and I am thinking I will go work out a bit after this,” said the artist. 

He confessed that he felt as if he was not in shape at the concert the day before. 

“You were having such a great time at the concert, and I got so hyper. I was in high spirits when we were doing ‘MIC Drop.’ I was planning to shake everyone up to the core with the last song ‘Idol’ but during the short break between the two songs, I realized that I was about to lose it myself already,” said Jimin, explaining why he has decided to build himself up physically. 

“We have done so many performances that all the members including me feel as if something is missing if we are not performing in front of you,” he added.

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