BTS discusses V’s new single

Jimin of BTS took to V Live from a “newly made practice room for vocals,” before going for a rehearsal. 

“It’s been a while and let’s begin with a beautiful song,” he said turning on V’s “Winter Bear” after one failed attempt. 

“It just came out yesterday and the subtitle is ‘Baby Bear,’” said the artist sounding like a DJ. 

“It’s so good, right? I didn’t have that much time to chat with you and I’ve been wondering when I could. Taehyung’s song came out just in time and I wanted to listen to it with you,” said Jimin singing and moving his arms to the tune.

“It’s almost a month since we did the concert tour. We are doing something everyday but it feels as if time flies since we don’t get to see you as often,” he said.

In the middle of the livestream, J-Hope joined with a playful knock. The two were singing along to “Winter Bear” when V came in with a smile, dragging a chair along with him. As the pair complimented on the new single, V confessed that he is proud of the outcome as well. 

“I have worked on it for long,” V said.

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