BTS dedicates BBMAs to fans

BTS basked in the afterglow of winning two prizes at 2019 Billboard Music Awards and livestreamed to share the joy with fans on Naver’s V Live. 

“Do you know BTS?” asked the members. “We are K-pop stars. Superstar, shooting sunshine, top group BTS,” said RM before finishing off with an embarrassed grin as everyone else cracked up. 

“Everyone, BTS and Army won prizes!” said Jin elatedly. 

“When I saw Imagine Dragons, I thought it might be unlikely (for us to get the prize). But when they got the Top Rock Artist, I began to think ‘wait a minute,’” conceded Suga. “I had my hopes up a little at the moment as well,” added Jin.

“I was too eager to do well on stage and overdid my dance in the first part. I could barely catch my breath,” confessed RM about performing “Boy With Luv” with Halsey. 

“There were so many impressive moments but the first was how much more people recognized us when we got to the award venue. And how many more fans there were for us. It was impossible not to smile,” marveled Jimin. “It gave us so much energy,” chimed in Jungkook.

“It would be a lie if we said we did not have stress but everything went well thanks to everyone,” said leader RM appreciating the effort of all members and support of fans before finishing the segment with everyone shouting “The Billboard goes to ARMY!” 

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