BTS chosen as promotional model for sports brand FILA

BTS will actively work as a global model of sports brand FILA.

​On October 1, FILA Korea (director Yoon Geun Chang) announced that it had chosen BTS as a global model for the brand and signed an exclusive contract with the group. Accordingly, in the future, BTS’ image will “cover” not only in Korea but also in many regions around the world such as America, Europe, and Asia. The first promotional image will begin to be launched by FILA in early 2020.

​FILA together with BTS plans to expand the communication of the message “One World, One FILA” to create an opportunity for further enhancement of the brand’s image. Expectedly, BTS members’ outstanding charisma will contribute to heightening Fila’s inherently distinctive feels as well as continuing to interact with consumers in more diverse and differentiated ways than before.

​FILA’s representative explained the context of choosing BTS, “The positive thinking and sincere interaction efforts of BTS are similar to FILA’s goal. In addition, the healthy and energetic image that they show is consistent with the brand image. Thus, we chose BTS as a global model.” This person also added, “Please put expectations on the synergy of BTS – the group which has risen to the ranks of global artists, and FILA – the brand that is strengthening its ascendancy inside and outside Korea.”

​As a sports brand launched in Biella, Italy in 1911, FILA Korea acquired the global brand business right in 2007 and currently acts as the headquarters of FILA which is operated in 70 countries worldwide. The representative said, “We’re pleased to cooperate with BTS – the group that is spreading positive influences all over the world, and also feel grateful for your enthusiastic interest. Since BTS and FILA have many things in common, we plan to try harder to continue the special interaction with customers.”


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