BTS cheerful in new Seoul tourism promotion video series

The promotional video of BTS – who has been acted as Seoul’s Honorary Tourism Ambassador for the 3rd year – has been released.

On September 13, a series of promotional videos featuring BTS members was uploaded on the official YouTube channel of Visit Seoul.

First of all, J-Hope, who was in charge of the video “Exciting Moments”, introduced the music festivals and splendid images of a theme park with the question “Bored of staying at home?”.

With the concept “Recharge”, after Suga raises the question “Ready for a break?”, a series of cultural spaces, natural resorts as well as hotels decorated in Korean style begin to appear. Meanwhile, taking on the concept of “City Break”, Jin draws attention when asking “Want to try something new and exciting?” and introduces street food, food trucks and traditional markets in every corner of Seoul.

Jungkook was in charge of the “Scenic Nature” video. He revealed famous places such as rooftops, Han River, skyscrapers with panoramic views of the city and night scenes by saying, “Tired of the same old scenery?”.

V and RM, in turn, took charge of videos “Getaway” and “Old But New”. The two boys introduced activities and places for entertainment such as VR experience, archery club, internet cafes, karaoke, etc.

Finally, Jimin introduces the “Local Life” video. After asking, “Looking for something special?”, his video records many diverse images of Seoul such as the experience in Namdaemun Market and the Korea Institute of Oriental Medicine or the alley of used book stores, etc.


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