BTS charismatic in Dior’s designs on Rose Bowl stage

The image of BTS members in Dior’s costumes that they selected themselves has been revealed.

In order to celebrate the world tour “LOVE YOURSELF: SPEAK YOURSELF”, BTS has caught attention when donning the stage outfits that were collaborated with the French luxury brand Dior on the stage at Rose Bowl Stadium, the USA on May 4 and 5.

7 new sporty costumes designed by Dior including bomber jackets, cargo pants, military style sweaters perfectly suited to BTS’s hybrid style. Dior’s representatives also said that the members had personally selected their favorite costumes.

BTS members wearing Dior’s design in “MIC Drop” stage.

This outfit series highlights the modern vibe of Kim Jones – Artistic Director of Dior Menswear – and takes inspiration from BTS members based on the Dior Menswear Collection 2019 Pre-fall. This is the first time Dior has made costumes for a Pop band, making this even more meaningful.

Kim Jones sharing a photo of BTS wearing Dior.

Kim Jones shared, “They all have their personal taste and style and it works so well together. Each member of the group chose the look they wanted, and we worked very organically to create each look for them. It was very collaborative.”

Through Big Hit Entertainment, BTS shared their thought, “That Dior has first designed costumes for male artists is a great significance for us. They were inspired by the stages and music of the group to create designs. We have exchanged ideas based on that design background and together perfected the performance costumes.”


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