BLACKPINK’s Jennie asks fans advice on her dog’s health

Jennie of Blackpink asked fans for advice on her dog’s health. The singer took to V Live with her two dogs, named Kai and Kuku, and told fans that she had a question about one of them. 

“Actually, our Kai is suffering from a facial paralysis. I took to this broadcast to ask dog owners some advice on this kind of symptom,” she said. 

Constantly hugging and petting her dogs, she read some comments from the viewers who gave the Blackpink member advice on how to take care of Kai. 

“Massage? Yes, I’m giving her (Kai) massages every day,” she said. 

Jennie recently became the first K-pop female solo artist to reach 350 million views with her first solo single “Solo.” 

Watch the full video at:


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