BLACKPINK checks in before Jakarta concert

BLACKPINK let the fans in on some private moments during their second concert in the Indonesian capital in the third installment of “BLACKPINK Diaries” on Naver’s V Live.

After saying hi to the fans on the airplane, Jisoo turned the camera back on showing herself quietly wolfing down a cup noodle. Adding kimchi from time to time, she confessed that she is the biggest fan of instant noodle from the band and it is the secret to readying her voice before taking the stage. “Ramen and kimchi combo is the strongest boost for my energy,” said Jisoo. Jennie, on the other hand, was flexing her muscles before asking Lisa to come over and practice the dance moves together.

All the four members seemed to be on their nerves backstage but when they took the stage surrounded by screaming fans, charisma and charm took over. 

BLACKPINK then flew to Hong Kong where Rose brought along the camera on a selfie stick all the through the lift to the rehearsal of the performance.

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