Blackpink celebrates 3rd anniversary

Blackpink took to V Live to celebrate the third anniversary of its debut.

To celebrate their third anniversary of debut, Rose lit a candle with a match from a black and pink matchbox, there was a prop from the music video of “Playing with Fire,” and the girls sang Happy Birthday and each made a wish.

Jisoo also congratulated Jennie on her Instagram account for accumulating 20 million followers. 

“You have a new account for photographs,” said Jisoo and Lisa excitedly, and asked Jennie to share some details. 

“It is like destiny. I have wanted to do it for quite some time … and finally I opened an account and posted bit by bit from my phone. But it seems like everything came together and I am only glad that fans are enjoying it,” said Jennie. 

“I personally am a fan,” said Rose confessing that she goes through the feed whenever she can. 

“The photographs are so cool,” she added, before the quartet then started digging into the two-tiered cake. 

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