Billboard releases critic’s picks of 25 best Red Velvet songs

Billboard (the US) has focused its attention onRed Velvet on the occasion of the group’s 5th debut anniversary.

On July 31 (US time), Billboard has posted on its homepage an article titled “The 25 Best Red Velvet Songs: Critic’s Picks”. Billboard introduced in detail about Red Velvet’s music and achievements, “Somehow, it’s been five years since Red Velvet made their debut with ‘Happiness’ in 2014. So, Billboard decided to celebrate their anniversary by combing through their discography and ranking our favorite songs.”

In particular, Billboard gave many positive comments to Red Velvet, “This five-member girl group reached the upper echelon of the K-pop scene with a split concept: they meld the vibrant pep of their ‘Red’ side with the smooth R&B of their ‘Velvet’ side. Besides, this quintet is constantly pushing themselves into new territory, taking conceptual risks while maximizing the outsize talent of their unit.”

The article also focuses on Red Velvet’s exciting activities, “Red Velvet has racked up a sizable amount of achievements over the years. The group once swept Korean charts. Moreover, earlier this year, the ladies embarked on their first headlining tour in the States, and they instantly sold out a Los Angeles date. This past year, ‘Bad Boy’ made them the first girl group to top Billboard’s ‘The 20 Best K-pop Songs of 2018: Critic’s Picks’.”

In addition, Billboard also explained the reason for the vote and nominated 25 Red Velvet’s best songs. Regarding “Red Flavor” – the song that ranked No.1, this newspaper shared, “‘Red Flavor’ is practically Red Velvet’s signature song at this point. It’s the perfect brew of showmanship with the infectious hook, memorable choreography, and fruity music video creating a sensory explosion. It’s no wonder ‘summer’ has become synonymous with Red Velvet.”

Here is the list of the best 25 songs by Red Velvet according to Billboard:

1. “Red Flavor” (The Red Summer, 2017)

2. “Bad Boy” (The Perfect Red Velvet, 2018)

3. “Kingdom Come” (Perfect Velvet, 2017)

4. “Dumb Dumb” (The Red, 2015)

5. “Body Talk” (Rookie, 2017)

6. “Look” (Perfect Velvet, 2017)

7. “Butterflies” (RBB, 2018)

8. “Peek-A-Boo” (Perfect Velvet, 2017)

9. “Automatic” (Ice Cream Cake, 2015)

10. “Some Love” (Russian Roulette, 2016)

11. “I Just” (Perfect Velvet, 2017)

12. “Blue Lemonade” (Summer Magic, 2018)

13. “Cool World” (The Red, 2015)

14. “You Better Know” (The Red Summer, 2017)

15. “Time Slip” (The Red, 2015)

16. “Russian Roulette” (Russian Roulette, 2016)

17. “Light Me Up” (The Velvet, 2016)

18. “Ice Cream Cake” (Ice Cream Cake, 2015)

19. “Happiness” (Non-album single, 2014)

20. “Lucky Girl” (Russian Roulette, 2016)

21. “Red Dress” (The Red, 2015)

22. “SAPPY” (SAPPY, 2019)

23. “Aitai-tai” (#Cookie Jar, 2018)

24. “Sunny Side Up!” (‘The ReVe Festival’ Day 1, 2019)

25. “Attaboy” (Perfect Velvet, 2017)


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