6 things that K-pop fans do that you won’t find in other music fandoms

Being a K-pop fan is a special, amazing thing!

K-pop is a special world to be a part of as a fan. If you’re a fan of Western pop, discovering K-pop is like leveling up in life. If you’ve been a fan since you were young, you already know all the things that K-pop fandoms have that other music styles might not, but for newbies, it’s a whole new world of endless content and fanchants.

Over on Reddit, fans have been discussing the things that make K-pop fans unique compared to other music fandoms, especially American ones.

Here’s a few of the things that stand out.

1. Fan chants

Sure, people shout out lyrics in unison at most concerts but K-pop fan chants are almost an art in themselves. Just watch an NCT or SEVENTEEN fan lose their breath shouting all the members’ names in the specific order taught to them by the group themselves, and you’ll see why.

2. Light sticks

Western pop should really capitalise on this merchandising opportunity. Many K-pop groups have their official colour and lightstick, with unique shapes and styles for each one. It’s a great way of identifying your fellow fans in a festival crowd too!

3. Dance covers

These exist in lots of genres we know, but dancing is inextricably tied into all the other elements of K-pop, and fans dedicate themselves to learning the dances step-by-step and then sharing them online. Not to mention mass flash mob dance games like the ones you see at KCons worldwide.

4. Photocards

Buying multiple copies of an album to get your bias’ photocard isn’t something all fans can afford to do, but there are definitely some who love to do it. Swapping photocards among your friends is also part of the experience. It’s a whole new element of surprise when buying an album!

5. Supporting entertainment companies

It’s common for K-pop fans to not only love idols but also the companies they are signed to, and other artists who are on the roster. With a lot of companies having a specific sound or image that they work with, fans often find they like most of the artists to come from their favourite’s company.

6. Fan projects

Not uncommon in other music fandoms, but K-pop fans take it to the next level. There are all the Times Square billboards, paying for entire buses to be wrapped in advertising, subways ads in Seoul, and so much more, to celebrate everything from group anniversaries to birthdays. 

That’s not including the massive charitable donations fandoms make, usually honing in on something their favourite idol is passionate about.

Can you think of any other things that make being a K-pop fan unique?


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